Who we are and what we’re doing,
-in 90 seconds.
Here We Go!
A word from the creators and cast of ‘Back To The Future.’
Put Your Mind To It.
What does it look like to travel inside a DeLorean Time Machine?  
Here’s a first-person view!
Time Traveling.
A fun trip to the Lowe’s Motor Speedway
Auto Fair in Charlotte, N.C.
It’s Going to be All Right!
Strange and Fantastic characters at this convention in Orlando, Florida.
Great coverage from one of America’s oldest cities!
Savannah News!
A compassionate, talented actor, and co-star with Michael J. Fox says ‘Hi.’
James Hampton!
Kilby Elementary School in Florence, Alabama.
WAAY Channel 31 abc News!
Host Mitch English gets into the time machine.
The Daily Buzz!   Orlando, FL.
Mitch makes a donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to Parkinson’s Research.
The Daily Buzz!   Orlando, FL.
2010 Event Terry and I got to participate in with friends!
Parkinsons Unity Walk   NYC!
Special Effects Supervisor for the film
 ‘Back to the Future.’
Kevin Pike!
Celebrated photographer Douglas Sonders and his 8112 Studios conducts a shoot for Team Fox in Washington, DC.
Doug Sonders Photo Shoot!
The Celebration Exotic Car Festival Rallye in Florida.
High Speed Ride Along!
Brief video made for the 2011 ‘I’m In’ Team Fox promotion.
I’m In! Are YOU?
From concept sketch to finished print.  Donate $10 HERE and get yours today, -before they’re all gone! (limited edition print.)
Painting the Poster!